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oil painting

Why did I start MY gallery?


Being part of Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago has given me great joy and opportunity to connect with fellow artists and to share my ideals with friends and Clients.


I have felt that I had something to say in my work; and in a larger sense being aware of the times as I record history in my paintings in Our Time.


My great hope is to reach out to a broader spectrum of people with My website; to share my sensitivity in what I feel; and in return that you may be moved by what you see and feel in your daily life.

when it's us


My mother and father in love.

me pear

self portraits at a younger age

Johnny Windfield Thompson at the age of nine picking pears in his family fruit garden.

Man to man

Self portrait called "Friday" ... the last in this collection.

chapel room

a child's whisper

The draft work for this painting was done on a nine foot ladder inside of a church on the corner of Marion and Third Street in Elkhart, Indiana. At the time, we were going through Lent.

sky ride

in and out of my grey blue

"Skyride" is a painting that was done featuring a bridge on County Road 17 that goes over Goshen Road. The road underneath the bridge is used to travel from Elkhart to Goshen Indiana . I noticed to the lower right of the bridge was a broken bike -- I thought it was fitting for the name of the painting.


The complexity as an artist is that I enjoy the combination of the complimentary detail of color in the brush work to the extreme of day-dreaming I have in creating a good painting to benefit the viewers eye on some emotional level.

male and female FORMS

Creating the human form on canvas gives a scope for the imagination in all it's forms; whether in a Male or Female. As a painter working in oil you are able to show many shades of light as you transform a figure in color by stretching the body's form into the reality of many shapes and sizes...


I`ve Chased the shadow and light ever since I was a child. When creating light in Oil I apply the soft tone colors Greys, Blues and whites; I also use the White canvas to My advantage  and Not white wash the whole canvas with tones of Brown, Blue, grey etc. Adding color or brighter colors in general I add at the end; the same effect you use when using water color when creating light.


Everything I had learned to unlearn finds the simplest form of line and space to create its existence. In landscape there are many shapes and forms but the time of seasons changes in its own light of mood and Feelings that you search for.


As I reflect back in my time here; I remember when my late father had past away, my Mother and I were going through his night stand and found three drawings of houses I did in 1979,homes of were I grew up around as a child, he had taken great care of them, carefully wrap. By my not surprise he had corrected my penmanship  of the dates on each drawing. They are the only drawings left of my childhood. Precious time.

A curated selection

As I carefully choose my words into thought; do I work my brush into technique and feelings? Art in it self presents a time and space that never existed until you came into existence.

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